Blog prompt #7

    When I arrive home, I shall have a feast to celebrate my return. First, we shall have an appetizer of Horiatiki Salad to start off with. To drink we will have an assortment of wines from the best grapes around. We will have white, red and every wine one could think of. After that, we shall have bread. We shall have large pieces of bread at every table that may be dipped in the finest of olive oils. Then we will have lots and lots of feta cheese to eat with the meal. Then we have lots of fish, squid and octupus. Then, for the main meal we shall have a whole lamb which will be roasted on a spit. After that, we shall have dessert. The dessert will be all kinds of amigdelota (almond cookies). That would be the feast that I will have when I return.

Greek Feast. Web. 19 April 2011.



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3 responses to “Blog prompt #7

  1. Man, that sounds pretty good. I looked up the almond cookies too, and eventhough the name doesn’t sound appetizing, they look delicious. Nice job.

  2. i like that you gave them a chance first to show their hospitality or in this case their lack of it. a lot of the blogs ive read so far have murdered the suitors right away and i like seeing this forgiving side of odysseus.

  3. yours is worded so well that it seems like its real, and you pictures makes it much more enjoyable to read.

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