Blog Prompt #5

      To take back my kingdom I, Odysseus, must make a strategy to kick the suitors out. The only way this is to be done is by force. I must sneak in and attack when they’re sleeping, forcing them to retreat out of my city. My plan is to attack right when the sun sets, sneaking into there chambers and pouncing on them like a wild animal. The element of surprise is on my side and it  will scare them right to back to there own homes.  I am trying to take back my kingdom from the scroundrels and I just want to get them out, not so much kill them all. If I have to I will slay all the suitors, but that is not in the plans.

     Assisting me with my plan, Telemachus and Eumaeus will accoumpany me. All of us will have a sword and a spear to aid us. We will all attack the same time, Telemachus and Eumaeus from the sides and me from the back. A sign from the gods, two doves flying side by side, will show me the time to attack. It has been to long since I have been home in Ithaca with my wife and son and now is the time to swoop in and take back my kingdom. Force has always worked in the past like when we fought with the Trojans thus it shall work now. I just pray everything will work out and I will have my kingdom of Ithaca back and live the rest of my life with my family and friends.

Odysseus attacks the suitors. .Web. 28 March 2011.


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  1. Your description in the first paragraph shows great detail to how Odysseus will go about his plan. My favorite line from the first paragraph is, “sneaking into their chambers, and pouncing on them like a wild animal.” This makes me picture a wildebeest, one with similar actions to their own, jumping on the horrible suitors. The symbol that you used is one that I didn’t think of, and I believe that this sign to begin the scare is perfect. The doves is a peaceful irony to the situation, but it portrays Odysseus and Penelope needing to reunite. The wife and husband need to be together, and they have been separated way too long.

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