blog prompt #4 March 2011.

      Hospitality means welcoming strangers into your home or land.  I expect anyone coming to my homeland of Ithaca to be treated in the greatest of respects. Ithaca is proud to be hospitatable people and would welcome any stranger far and wide. When a stranger comes, I treat them like one of my own; I feed, give shelter and give the greateset of respect. I think that everyone should have good hospitality as my home of Ithaca.

      Throughout my journey, I have received a lot of welcoming host with good hospitality. It meant a lot to receive the hospitality that I did. I expect when I or  anyone else come to an unknown land to be treated with welcoming arms because everyone needs help sometime in there life. I experienced first hand that I was the one in need thus it really showed me how hospitality is important. I alreadly treated strangers coming to my homeland with great hospitality, but now since I was the stranger and know what its like I will give them the greatest respect and shall see it everyone in Ithaca have the greatest hospitality. I think everyone should give and receive  hospitality making the world work. People need to be helpful to one another or we’ll end up always in wars. That’s my view on hospitality.

“But follow me, old man, into the lodge; so that you too, when satisfied with food and drink, may tell where you arecome from and what troubles you have borne.” p.133 Eumaeus

“Stranger, may Zeus and the other deathless gods grant you all most desire for treating me so kindly!” p. 133 Odysseus

“Friend, since you are the first I find within this land, I bid you welcome, and hope you come with no ill-will.” p.127 Odysseus

“Best make the stranger welcome while he stays, and speed him when he wishes.” p. 143 Menelaus

“Telemachus, though you stay long, I still will entertain him; no lack of welcome shall there be.” p. 152 Peiraeus


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