Blog Prompt #2

Muses. Web. 25 February 2011.

Odysseus here, with news of a slight chance of returning home. In finding my way home, I need some guidance to help me. There are nine muses in existance which are the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. They are the muses of  literature and the arts and are muses over comedy, history, epic, lyric, sacred, tradegy, choral dance and song, astronomy, and love. I must pick a muse which will help me return home, yet picking one is a tough choice. I must leave my fate into Erato’s hands, the muse of love poetry. My entire journey is venturing into unknown lands to find a way to return home to the love of my life, Penelope. Without love, one is nothing, one goes nowhere. Accomplishing impossible tasks seem easy when you have someone to win them for.  I rely on my muse to help me return home to my Penelope.

One will be lost without love in one’s life. My love is Penelope, so praying to the muse Erato is what I shall need. I need remindance of who my passion is for. One can’t fight to return home without something to return to. I have been through so much from being in the famous Trojan War to being thrashed around in the ocean by the mighty Poseidon. Some forget their love when going through catastrophes, but love comes first.

How can one fight without someone/something to fight for? I am counting on my passion to return home to my Penelope and the muse Erato to help me return to Ithaca. She has been with me for as long as I have been with Penelope and hasn’t let me down yet. I thrive on love so without it I am useless. I hope Erato doesn’t let me down.


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  1. I love the choice of the muse and the explaination as to why she is him muse. Love peotry decribes him well, because of the longing between Penelope and Odysseus, thats a major point of the story.

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