Blog Prompt #1

   I, Odysseus have fought and won in the Trojan War. We the Greeks have conquered Troy and burned it to the ground which proves we were stronger and smarter than any Trojan. During some parts of the war I really thought we would never defeat the mighty Troy, but we never lost hope. Now that Troy is burned to the ground the Greeks are returning home.      It has been ten years of fighting and I miss my family. Like I have said to Calypso “every day I long-travel home and see my day of coming.” I have been yearning to be with my wife again and my son. It feels like a lifetime being away from everything I know. I need to go back to my kingdom and live the rest of my life with the people I love the most. I know that it’s hard on my wife  Penelope to be away and I have a feeling she believes I’m dead.

    The journey home will be hard and so far there has been a few distractions in my way. Poseidon is plotting against me and won’t allow me to return home. I have been lost and came acrossed an island. Here the goddess Calypso has forced me to stay with her for she is in love with me. Zeus ordered that I be released so I can return home to my Penelope. Poseidon has learned of the gods going against him and created a storm on which to destroy me and my ship, but the gods intervened again. I long to return home and hope the rest of my jounrney home will be safe and I can see my love Penelope again.



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3 responses to “Blog Prompt #1

  1. christiansonk

    Hi Odysseus. Revisit the MLA citation under your photo. You must first name the photo used. Smooth sailings.

  2. I like the wording in your blog as well as the summary. Seems like a good length and doesn’t drag like you’d think a summary that large would. Nice picture I used your pic as a template to do mine.

  3. I really liked how you wrote this out, I feel like he actually wrote it out. And i can see it in my mind. Also i like the picture!

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